Custom Orthotics at NatCan Integrative Medical & Wellness Centre in Vaughan

Health and Wellness from Head to Toe: Introducing NatCan’s Custom Orthotics Services!

The Benefits of Custom Orthotics:

Orthotics are similar to insoles and fit into whichever shoe you prefer. Orthotics work to alleviate pressure in the feet caused by shifts in your walking pattern. These shifts can create a misalignment that can result in joint pain located in the hips, spine, knees and ankles. Feet support our body weight, when a misalignment occurs, it can become painful to move freely. Custom orthotics are created from an imprint of your foot and are customer moulded to support your specific needs by targeting key areas. 

Orthotics at NatCan: 

Orthotics are fitted and dispensed by our lovely Chiropractor and Physiotherapist.

Come in today to experience health and wellness from head to toe with NatCan’s orthotic services!

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We looking forward to seeing you!

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