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Support Your Immune System With Phase 3 Reopening

Before getting back to work, restaurants, the beach and other activities, give your immune system the support it needs! Here at NatCan, we offer a variety of products and services that can support your immune system before we brave the world in the face of COVID-19. 

IV Therapy:

IV Therapy provides your body with a high concentration of nutrients and minerals directly into the bloodstream. It works at the cellular level to aid in cellular repair and healing. Although we are able to get a lot of nutrients from a healthy diet, sometimes foods do not translate to proper nutrition at the cellular level. This can result in poor digestion, chronic illness and poor immune function. Thanks to IV therapy, you can still provide those necessary nutrients for your body wherever it may fall short. Book an appointment today with any of our lovely Naturopathic Doctors to see if IV therapy is right for you!


Nutritional Analysis:

Diet plays a large role in the strength and maintenance of our immune systems. With the help of our Holistic Nutritionist, Silvia Rocca, you’ll be able to understand your nutritional status, eating habits and learn more about the foods lifestyle changes you can incorporate into your diet to meet your health needs and support your immune system.


Naturopathic Medicine: 

Having trouble sleeping? Come in to see one of our amazing naturopathic doctors for a personalized treatment plan on how to treat chronic and acute conditions that may be weakening your immune system. Sleep is an important part of keeping your immune system strong; poor sleep quality or lack of sleep can negatively affect your mental and physical health in many ways. Find out how to fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep with a customized treatment plan based on your lifestyle!


Registered Massage Therapy:

Feeling stressed about all of the changes lately? When the body is stressed, its ability to produce infection-fighting antigens is reduced. This makes your immune system weaker and more susceptible to infection and viruses. Massage therapy relaxes muscles, increases circulation, reduces heart rate, and increases endorphins. Here at NatCan we have two RMTs, Sheri Robinson and Theo Andronikou, who provide a variety of massages customized to your needs. Book an appointment with them today to relax your body and support your immune system!



Oregano Oil - Oregano oil is an amazing source of antioxidants that help fight of oxidative damage from free radicals. Oregano oil has also been proven inhibit viruses and reduce symptoms of cold/flu like sore throat and body aches. Here at NatCan we carry liquid oregano oil that is easy to administer and can be used daily!


Immune Matrix - Immune Matrix is a supplement offered at NatCan that helps to relieve and shorten the duration of symptoms associated with upper respiratory infection and supports your immune system. This supplement contains andrographis which is a natural antiviral agent that supports the immune system in the fight against viruses.


*NEW PRODUCT* NatCan's Natural Vapour Rub - Our Vapour Rub provides a natural alternative to a widely used product that contains harmful chemicals. Infused with herbs like rosemary, clove, marjoram and eucalyptus, this product is effective and safe to use on children of all ages. Relieve congestion with the help of our safe, natural vapour rub today! 


Tea Blends - Here at NatCan we curate customized tea blends for all sorts of of conditions. From our Cold and Flu fighter to our Sleep and Dreams blend, our teas are sure to help support your immune system with the help of antioxidants and relieve some symptoms associated with allergies, colds, flus, stress and insomnia. Come in today to browse our tea blends and find one that works best for you!


Book your immune supporting service today by calling us at: 416-400-6280 or emailing us at: or online at

We look forward to seeing you again as Phase 3 begins!

In health, 

The NatCan team

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