Best Homeopath in Vaughan from NatCan Integrative Medical & Wellness Centre doing a seminar talk at Nature's Emporium Woodbridge

Join Leigh Panovka, Homeopath From NatCan Integrative at Nature's Emporium for a Free Seminar!

Leigh will explain the principles of homeopathy and talk about the nature of disease, how it relates to neuroscience and why homeopathy is uniquely equipped to deal with these symptoms.

Leigh will present a brief summary of some of her cases and their follow ups to demonstrate the remarkable scope and effectiveness of homeopathy.
Q & A to follow.

Event Details:
Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at 7pm. 
Nature's Emporium (Woodbridge)
8401 Weston Road
Phone: 365-527-2466
Register today at

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