NatCan Is Pleased To Offer 'Bracelets by L' At Our Clinic!!!

NatCan Is Pleased To Offer 'Bracelets by L' At Our Clinic!!!

Creator Lindsay Smith has always had a passion for gemstones, their meanings and healing properties. She started her business as a hobby and realized how much peace they gave her and the people around her.

They are natural healing gemstones, genuine quality and made with love. Each stone is unique and customized to what energy you are attracted to or need in your life, whether it be self love, getting rid of negative energy, fertility, anxiety or stress.


Bracelets by L is honoured to be a part of the NatCan clinic! The talented and knowledgeable doctors and staff at NatCan will be able to show you all the stones and their meanings and help you pick what one works for you in your life and your energies!

Gratitude and Love………Bracelets By L

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