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“A true photographer masters not only the camera, but also the heart…”

Kerri Edwards,

Thank you for gracing NatCan’s website with your beautiful and intricate photos. Your photography brings us to places where we otherwise wouldn’t have traveled. You have taught us to appreciate the beauty of gorgeous light and revel in it even if we didn’t have our camera. Even more than before, you and your photos have made us appreciate the beauty of nature and its plants and trees, and so much more. You view the world as if you have a camera in your eyes and you show the beauty in everything.

Your camera is an extension of your hand, and your lens is an extension of your eyes. They both provide therapy in the form of stress relief and create an image of art that shows life and its beauty. It is very clear that photography isn’t a job for you, but rather a passion. Thank you!!!

In health,

The NatCan Team

~You can follow Kerri Edwards on Instagram @kepearled

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