Description of Energy Healing Services

Life Activation

This healing is a DNA awakening that will heighten your connection with your higher self, your passion and your life's purpose. It will help create room in your physical body for you to carry more light within you. It will shift your negative thoughts and habits to positive ones. It will help lift the fog from the minds eye so that you will be able to see clearly. It also helps heal old wounds and it will help guide you on what the next steps may be for you. It doesn't matter where you stand in your life, this healing will take your life to the next level!

Full Spirit Activation

While the Life Activation amplifies your personal connection to your higher self, the FULL SPIRIT ACTIVATION takes that one step further to increase your connection to your soul. By activating these higher aspects of your energy bodies, you are switching-on the superhero system that exists within everyone. This is the potential to perform miracles and the opportunity to optimize our own divinity. This session involves awakening the Thalamus region, or “the old brain,” the Pituitary and Pineal  glands, which increases the soul’s awareness to the physical experience, thus creating a richer appreciation for this amazing life. Activating this awareness of the soul to the physical, will:

~Unblock channels of awareness in the body
~Enhance the nervous system and sensory interface to the physical
~Intensify your physical and spiritual senses
~Fight apathy in the soul
~Help you feel more ALIVE
~Boost your connection to life, nature and the people around you
~Fill you with a sense of JOY
~Help to provide clarity in your life purpose and path of service
~Elevate your relationship to divinity and source
~And so much more…

Laser Light Healing

Laser Light has an immediate and direct impact of healing on the physical body.   The Laser Light not only can bring deep healing to the physical body, but it can create balance to all layers of the energy field. We are all light and this modality uses the harmonic resonance of the Light flowing through the layers of vibration of Sound, Waves, Etheric and Magnetic energies. When receiving Laser Light Healing, you are experiencing a refined, specific form of light. It is pure and intensified as a result. All light is perfectly synchronized with each other. It is a perfected physical light which brings the Light of the receiver of this modality in to balance, harmony and empowerment.

~Reduces inflammation in the body. ex joints
~Reduces pain
~Helps to minimize scars and scar tissue

Shamanic Aura Clearing

This a gentle yet effective clearing of the aura, using the earthly energies and the Sutra of the Heart. It not only clears the aura of unwanted and unserving energies, but it also seals and heals your etheric field to increase protection

Spark of Life Distance Healing

This unique modality is one of the most powerful modalities that we have for remote healing. It used to be used by high priests and priestesses to keep their energy high between the times when they were in the temple. The practitioner accesses the original divine spark, the source of life and channels its light to the recipient.  At this point healing can take place. Permission and co-ordination is required for this healing to have its full benefit.

Soul Retrieval

Our soul gets injured through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma, as well as events, concepts, conditioning and programming that are not revealed in our consciousness. Soul Retrieval can help if you can feel or sense that a piece of you is lost, and you are longing for that feeling of oneness within.

Egyptian Aura Healing

This healing balances the energies within the 7 layers of the aura and the human body. This unique healing modality calls upon the power of the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses and their knowledge of the dimensions and ratios of the physical and energetic bodies of human. It begins to bring awareness to the physical body and illness that may be caused through a negative thought patterns and or habits.

Crystal Healings

Healing with the crystals are the most gentle but at the same time can be very powerful. There are 12 healings to choose from. These healings will help empower you to heal old and new wounds, while helping you to step into a clear and pure mind to increase positive flow into the body. It will also bring in good fortunes and a general state of well being and happiness.

Old Wound, New Wound or Good Fortune

Unique and relaxing. These three healings are Crystal Rites. Voice will guide the crystals and evoke the healings to occur.

Stress Rescue

In the world we live in today stress can get the best of us and it has become more common among humans and it is starting to affect our health in ways we have never have seen before. The Stress Rescue is a great healing to help remove some of the load that we carry around in our etheric body, The healing will bring balance back to your chakra system, elements within the body and so much more. When we lighten the load on etheric body we begin to take the load off the physical body.

Emotional Cord Cutting

Throughout our life we make emotional cord connections with people all around us. Whether it be our parents, siblings, best friends, (ex) boyfriends, (ex) girlfriends co-workers, etc... When these connections are made past or present the negative cords are going to be the ones that “pull” on your energy, leaving you feeling tired and off-center. The Emotional Cord Cutting will disconnect all these emotional cords so you will stop losing your own energy to others.

Negative Energy Removal

If your feeling as if you may of picked up some kind of negative energy and your feeling not yourself and tired, then this healing maybe what is needed. This healing is usually paired with the Emotional Cord Cutting. The two healings work best together!

Positive Energy Healing

Are ready for a change? Do you have a dream that you want to achieve in a timely manner? The Positive Energy healing gives you the opportunity to make a wish that will benefit you and your dreams. This healing is usually paired with the Emotional Cord Cutting and Negative Energy Removal. The three healings work best together!

Purpose of Life Reading

Our spirits are vast and eternal, beyond what the mind can comprehend, and we have participated in many past lives and off-world incarnations preparing us for this lifetime. In addition, we have a spiritual family lineage we are sourced from, just like we have a genetic family here in the physical. We have connections to Angels, Arch-angels, mythological beings, Masters of Light and more and all this is stored within. We only have to use the correct key to unlock the door of understanding our vast human potential! This reading can only be done once the Life Activation has been completed

Crystal Readings

Reading with the crystals creates a link between the reader and the receiver, to help us create that link we use the Twin Reader Crystals. When using this method, it will give the receiver a deep insight into the past, present, and future energies that are affecting the receiver. The crystal reading has been recognized to bring in a great deal of clarity and healing for the receiver and empowering guidance on the best course of action.

Crystal Grid Your Home or Business – contact for quote

What is a Crystal?

Crystals may look like simple pieces of glass, but the truth is, they are much more than that. Their function and abilities go far beyond what our human eyes can see. These two dimensional beings are a part of the mineral kingdom and – like plants – are very much alive. For thousands of years, crystals have been used by tribes and different groups for manifestation, healing and even magick.

So, how can crystals be used inside a home or business? What exactly are crystal grids and, most importantly, what are their benefits?

What is a Crystal Grid?

While crystals on their own are extremely powerful and influential, together their benefits increase greatly. When placed in a specific pattern, these benefits grow exponentially. Crystal Grids are essentially the formation of such patterns within a space to facilitate communication between crystals. Studies have shown that the exchange of energy between crystals resembles electromagnetic waves or even wireless frequencies. These minerals can therefore be used to completely alter a home or business. Each grid functions independently to enhance the energy and light flow within any given space.


While the benefits of using these crystal grids in any home or business environment can be drawn from the descriptions of each grid, clients have further reported the following effects:

General enhanced sense of well-being

Decreased physical pain and ailments

Greater sense of calmness and focus

Increased cognitive function, mental clarity, motivation

Empowerment / determination / passion

Accelerated manifestation of projects and ideas

Unity amongst employees or individuals – better communicative and cooperative skills

Reduced negative thought and behavioural patterns (i.e. theft, addictive tendencies, depression, etc.)

…and much more!

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