Techniques to Enhance Therapeutic Efficacy

Additional techniques that can be used to enhance the therapeutic efficacy of your treatment include: 

Cross fiber massage
A perpendicular massage where purposeful direction and friction is created by rubbing across sore muscle fibers. It is helpful in releasing tension created by adhesions and scars. 

Deep tissue massage
A rhythmic action that assists in flushing metabolic wastes through the use of dynamic techniques for advanced soft tissue manipulation. This sophisticated treatment affords a neuromuscular-based method of dramatic muscle tension reduction. Deep tissue massage has been found to increase muscle strength and length with significant and rapid results. It is particularly helpful for athletes in increasing flexibility and preventing injury. 

Trigger point therapy
Direct pressure applied to anesthetize or desensitize trigger points. Trigger points are highly sensitive areas in the muscles and connective tissue, that when pressed, assist in releasing stored tension in the muscle. 

Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic massage reduces swelling and assists in clearing the lymphatic system so that lymph fluid can move freely through the body. The massage also stimulates the flow of other interstitial fluids (fluid outside of cells between different tissues), encouraging the healthy elimination and movement of dissolved toxicity and old immune cells from the system.


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