What to Expect: Diagnosis & Assessment

Comprehensive Health History
The initial intake at NatCan Integrative Medical & Wellness Centre will be just over 1-hour in length and will include a detailed history. The medical intake will consist of a meeting with one of our naturopathic doctors, the completion of a medical history form prior to your first appointment as well as relevant physical exam. Acquiring a comprehensive medical history is imperative to providing a tailored and effective treatment. 

Nutritional Analysis
Understanding your nutritional status, eating habits and the type of food that you eat is an important part of the naturopathic assessment. Following your initial interview you will likely be asked to complete a diet diary for further assessment. Identifying the unique way that food reacts to your body is imperative to achieving long-term health. 

Physical Examinations
Naturopathic Doctors are trained to do complete physical exams and we use them as a standard part of your assessment. Having a complete physical exam on an annual basis and when new symptoms arise is an essential part of preventative health care. 

Chinese Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis
Traditional Chinese Medicine provides additional insight and information about an individual’s health status. Through tongue and pulse diagnosis, your naturopathic doctor will be able to understand your health status on many different levels and perspectives. 

Comprehensive Laboratory Testing
Laboratory testing, including urine analysis, blood work, hormonal saliva testing as well as PAP smears and gynecological testing is an essential aspect of a complete medical assessment. We will use standard laboratory testing as part of your complete assessment. Additional environmental testing assessments, genetic screening and stool analysis are all available through our partnered laboratories in the US. Laboratory testing, like our other services, is not covered by OHIP. 

Previous Medical Reports and Diagnostic Testing

Medical reports, such as MRIs, X-rays or scans are valuable assets to include during our assessment of your health concerns. When appropriate, you may be referred outside of our clinic in order to receive additional imaging or diagnostic testing.



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