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Spray Tanning

A luxurious vegan friendly spray tan that will leave you bronzed, hydrated and glowing. Formulated with natural and naturally derived ingredients, this solution gives you sun kissed skin without the sun damage. Along with giving you a gorgeous tan, this solution also has hydrating and nourishing ingredients such as vitamins A,B,C,D,E, jojoba oil, coconut oil, aloe Vera etc.

The spray tan solution that is applied to the body does NOT contain any SPF protection. Skin is still exposed to sun damage. Sunscreen must still be worn.

Spray tans typically last from 7-10 days depending on the clients skin type and how they take care of the tan. Before your spray tan appointment, the skin should be exfoliated and shaved 24 hours prior, waxing should be done 48 hours prior, NO cream/lotion should be applied on the body and the client must remove any makeup and jewelry.

Immediately after your spray tan appointment dark baggy clothes must be worn, DO NOT touch your skin as the tan will transfer onto your hands, NO getting the skin wet while your tan is developing, shower 8-12 hours after your spray tan appointment (maximum 24 hours). To wash off the spray tan gently rinse skin with water, no soap, pat dry and be sure to moisturize the skin after to ensure the skin is hydrated. This step is important, as hydrating your skin will make the spray tan last longer.

For longer lasting results, please read the following:

  • Keep skin moisturized.
  • NO exfoliating or rubbing the skin after your tan as that will remove it.
  • NO hot tubs, saunas or excessive sweating.
  • Pat dry skin after taking showers.
Four individual hands hold up a variety of sunless tanning bottles that hold products that will result in various hues.

Customer reviews

  • I absolutely love the practitioners at NatCan! I have been seeing Dr.Lavleen for chiropractic services and I look forward to my appointments with her each week! She has such bright personality and is extremely knowledgeable and skilled. She never fails to help me feel my best and leave each appointment with a smile!

    Reshma Seegobin
  • Chiropractic Doctor Lavleen Pabla is simply the best! She is knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and passionate about her role. She truly takes the time to understand, assess and develop a treatment plan best suited to your needs. No cookie cutter treatment. Would recommend!

    Jackie M
  • This is my first time seeing a naturopath and I have to say that the experience is amazing. From the first call to the appointments they are super friendly and helpful. Dr. Santos is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain and genuinely cares about her clients

    Ashley Sitsman
  • Always an amazing experience with Dr.Santos and the team!

    Maria Angela
  • I have been seeing Dr Santos at this Wellness Centre for several months and she’s been absolutely amazing. Her ability to always gain a holistic understanding of patients, encourage detailed testing before diagnosing have made her outstanding. She always takes plenty of time to ask questions, to actively listen and engage me in the decision process. I’d recommend Dr Santos to everyone.

    Franco Domenichiello
  • I’ve been seeing Dr. Laveleen for my back, jaw and neck and seeing her has made a difference. She is great. Thank you Dr. Lavleen.

    Kamal Parmar
  • Dr. Anita Sachdev has been instrumental in my cancer journey. My blood work, scans and tumours have been showing better and better results with each testing being done. My energy levels have remained good and with the diet and recommended supplements suggested by Anita my journey is positive! Thank you for your care, kindness and compassion that you have always shown me and my loved ones that have come with me as support.

    Vanesa Gomez
  • Staff 5 ⭐️ Always friendly and super professional. Natcan is my choice! Naturopath, osteopath, physiotherapist and massage therapy. I've been a customer for 3 years. 👌

    Cristiana Bettencourt
  • Just had one of the best massages in my life with Tamila! She is an extremely talented RMT and knows exactly what she’s doing! My husband and I are very happy we found her. Thank you :)

  • I have been going to Dr. Lavleen from last year for chiro and my back has never been better! Highly recommend, she does a phenomenal job with treatment and one of the most pleasant people to chat with.

    Viktor Surowiec